Beekeeping and Honeybees – Know the Essential Basics First!


Beekeeping is eco-friendly too in a sense that it helps in pollination of the local plants. The bottom line is, all the gardens and plants in the neighborhood can benefit. ...

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Learn How Honeybee’s Beekeeping Improves Your Life


Honeybee beekeeping is one of the chosen hobbies among all ages these days. This may be attributed to the fact that a lot of people has learned about ...

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Honeybees Teach DC Students About Beekeeping | NBC Washington


A live beehive was installed at Walker Jones Education Campus to teach children about honeybees, ecology and environmental sustainability.

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How to start harvesting honey from honeybees with amateur …


Start harvesting honey from honeybees with amateur beekeeping |► Love the taste of honey, but hate the price? The solution many people have turned to is amateur beekeeping, where you can have all the honey you want, for minimal startup ...

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BEEKEEPING,Bees,SMALL HIVE BEETLES,Beetle trap filling,install Beekeepers Honeybees Beehives Georgia


SMALL HIVE BEETLES, Hive Beetle trap filling,installing on honey bee hives.Video,Georgia Beekeeper John Pluta installing Small Hive Beetle traps into beehives.CLICK for more at Controlling small hive beetle numbers lowers beehive stress, possible CCD,a colony collapse disorder symptom Ga Beekeeping hive beetle control. Beekeepers MUST kill the adult small hive beetles before egg and larva stage. Larvae eat thru honey comb in search of bee pollen making honey leak and ferment,called sliming. Bees then abscond from hive leaving a sticky mess even other bees barely rob. To clean up I put boxes over ant mounds to begin removing crud,then a few days in the sun to dry up honey slime. This is going to be a major beekeeping problem if not controlled in states like Florida,Georgia,North South Carolina,Alabama,Mississippi,Tennessee and Louisiana. Other states Will get them,forget cold weather,they winter at edge of honeybee cluster just fine.