Beekeeping and the Basics of Extracting Honey From Bee Hives


There is a huge difference in the way beekeeping was carried out back in the the past within Europe to the modern day edition regarding high tech industry. ...

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Bee Keeper’s Educational Series – Hive Splitting/Honey Extracting and Bottling


DescriptionThe Edcuational Bee Keeper's DVD series is a combination of both the "spirit of division" and "Honey Extraction and bottling" videos (VHS) currently sold on Amazon. With the combination of the two videos on DVD and menus easy to use, this is a great buy! The division of the hive covers all the basic techniques, including but not limited to, the identification and selection of colonies of parents, keeping records, boxes of NUC, nutrition, disease, selection of breeding and honey / pollen frames, making the division. . . More>>

Bee Keeper's Educational Series - Hive Splitting/Honey Extracting and Bottling

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Bee Keepers


Bee Keepers
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