Buckwheat Honey


Buckwheat Honey
What do you think of my new super healthy eating plan?

After waking up: lemon in warm water/green tea

Breakfast - oatmeal with berries and mixed raw nuts/seeds and 1 teaspoon of honey
Snack - apple
Lunch - sandwich made with burgen rye bread, avocado, spinach, cucumber and salmon and grapes
Snack - carrot
Dinner - Raw sprouted buckwheat with green veggies (broccoli, cabbage, etc) and extra virgin olive oil
Snack - a grapefruit or orange

I didn't include any dairy because over the holidays I have been eating a whole big tub of yogurt pretty much every day and huge chunks of cheese, so I want to lay off it for a while.

Your plan looks really good, but include a glass of skim milk. If you really really don't want to have dairy for awhile, than take a calcium tablet.

And stay away from red meat while you are on your diet, red meat has a lot more fat in it. White meat such as poultry and fish is a really good choice :)

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