Which organizations and NGOs financially assist female run enterprises in Africa in pig rearing & beekeeping?


We are a group of farmers in Cameroon. We are using our lands for apiculture pigery and want to include a fish pond and poultry, all that the activities are compatible with the land we have. A vegetable garden is also previewed. The land is 3 hecters surrounded on two sides by a creek

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  1. scottFL007
    3:05 am on March 9th, 2010

    The type of institution you are looking for is a Microfinance institution. The link below provides the name of one in Cameroon. However, most of these organizations operate on a region by region, and sometimes even a village by village basis. I don’t read French, so I can’t help you fully search, but this link should help you get started, and beyond that, if you just search “microfinance cameroon” on Google or Yahoo, you should find other names. Perhaps you will find one that serves the region of the country where you are. Best of luck to you.

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