Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey–The Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World


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DescriptionHoney product has been waiting almost ten million years for a good biography. Bees have been making this prized food - for centuries the world's only sweetener - for millennia, but humans started recording our fascination with it only in the last thousand years. Part history, part love letter, stealing the bees is a celebration of bees and their magical products, revealing the various functions of bees and honey in nature, world civilization, business and gastronomy . For. . . More>>

Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey--The Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World

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  1. D. Stichick
    10:24 am on January 27th, 2010

    It is a book with an agenda. The author turned me off long before I read over 60 pages. I believe the author has an agenda to promote the entrapment of bees. He is obviously in the business of exploiting bees for profit. Its ridiculous staments “Bees make better pets than dogs” is just ridiculous! Bees are not pets, not always feasible in pets, all we can do for them is to let them be free and form feral colonies or trap them for profit. Another thing to consider for those who are called vegans, honey is not vegan, is a product of origin recommend animal.Yo bookseller however, I received a prompt and courteous service from them. Rating: 2 / 5

  2. M. Murphy
    11:52 am on January 27th, 2010

    Good book if you can skip over the bits of strangers. A large number of United Nations-relevant information. Author has interesting story to tell, but when you go into a whole section on how the bee keeper by mistake from his home painted a bright pink color and no connection to the bees here, I lose. Paper is another of my collection of 1 / 2 volumes to read. Rating: 3 / 5

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