Raising Queen Bees


Raising Queen Bees

The success of the colony depends largely on the quality of the queen. As a beekeeper can observe a difference in the production of honey from a colony to another. The difference in production may depend on several factors, one of which is the queen. Beekeepers call this feature as "queenlessness. When the Queen is in state the raising of breeding least and shows layers of drone queenlessness must be replaced. When beekeepers place this condition occurs in one of its colonies that it will, what is known as "required" of the colony. Requeening is basically the introduction of a new queen in the colony. Although the queen bees can be purchased from the Commercial beekeepers, but choose to lift the queen of themselves to continue with a queen of the stock or population of the former queen, who has been so successful in their colonies. Queen bees to purchase a commercial beekeeper is no guarantee of a queen from a strain well.

When the queen breeding is best to use larval of that are less than 24 hours old. The larvae of this age have not been exposed to the diet of the workers. It is important that the future queen of the queen larvae are fed gelatin. Queens arise from the same fertilized eggs as worker bees. When eggs are newborns, they are neither a queen or a worker bee. Once the larvae is 3 days old pollen is introduced into the diet of larvae destined to become worker bees. Moreover, the larvae destined to become queens are raised in what is known as the Queen of the cell that has been specially built.

There are requirements to raise a good queen. The requirements for a wide range of nectar and pollen quality, and an abundance of sexual maturity and high quality aircraft mating with newly emerged virgin queens. There must be proper environment for the breeding of drones and queens. It must be a good mother queen to breed bees whose offspring of workers (and colonies) appear to have the desired qualities, such as mild temperament, disease resistance, the tendency of a swarm of low production and high quality honey.

This is a summary of actions to be taken to increase the queen. A starter colony should be established for the start of the increase in cells of the queen. A colony of building cells to be established. Then there is grafting of the honey bee larvae. Lastly, but not to transfer the queen of mature cells to honey bee nucleus colonies for mating stage.

As a starter colony selected two strong colonies of history which is headed by the Queen's two years old. You will need to locate and remove Queen temporarily with the comb that sits on bees, a spare vacuum or 8-frame hive box core. Then the 2-brood chamber has to spend about 2 meters in the back of your original site.

Now you can prepare the colony start by placing an empty box with a board bottom and lid in the bottom of the hive. Four unsealed brood combs of adult bees in the two brood chamber should be moved into the empty hive. Also place a honeycomb and pollen to bees unsealed on each side of breeding. Fill in the rest of the empty box with empty combs.

Take another 2 or 3 brood combs other extras with young bees and shake them in the 2-story hive. Add sugar syrup feeder colony to boot. Since bees as known as "orphan" nurse bees in the colony will be encouraged to start and grow food to feed more of the rearing. Return queen 2 years of age and comb to the final table of the 2-story hive.

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