OJ Blount’s 1st Natural Beekeeping Field Day


It was cold, windy day for OJ Blounts first Natural Beekeeping Field Day on Feb. 27, 2010 in Lower Alabama but 20 people showed up on short notice, some driving from hours away. (He'll be holding these on the last Saturday of each month. Go to alabamabeekeepers.com for updates, agenda and directions). Much of what he talked about can be seen on the first three videos posted here so I just took a few segments from the day to give an idea of how it went. He started out with a funny story from his beginnings then showed how and why he customizes his beehives. He also provided information on bee supplies. If you have not yet seen parts one through three then you should do so as they show in detail how to clean out the hive from the back without disturbing the bees and how to put together his customized hive.

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  1. ArtfullyYours
    9:44 am on May 11th, 2010

    This video shows his new way of feeding with an all screen top, so the bees can’t get out when the jars are changed. A flat lid is important to have contact with the screen. A mason jar lid has an indent, preventing good contact with the screen. With a full screen you can also look at the bees. Mr. Blount is always looking for ways to improve.

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