Nature: Silence of the Bees


  • Winner of the Peabody Award.Narrated by Academy-Award-winner F. Murray Abraham.Rating: TV-G (on both episodes)Program 1 - Silence of the Bees explores one of nature's most baffling mysteries: the disappearance of the honeybee. Beginning in the winter of 2006, millions of bees vanished from their hives without a trace. The disappearing bees left billions of dollars of crops at risk and threatened o

DescriptionHere is the buzz in two major episodes of television's most honored natural history. Winner of the prestigious Peabody Award "The Silence of the Bees" explores one of the most baffling mysteries of nature: the disappearance of the bee! Beginning in the winter of 2006, millions of bees vanished from their hives without a trace. A precious pollinator of fruits and vegetables, the disappearing bees left billions of dollars of crops at risk and threatened our food supplement. . . More>>

Nature: Silence of the Bees

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  1. Jeffery Mingo
    5:34 am on February 7th, 2010

    I used to be duped and buy things they do not have everything you advertised. The reverse has happened here. This is not a documentary, there are two here. Bees are not the first: an essay on parrots in Australia. Why a post advertising their products? I also believe that human beings like birds better than bees. I think Americans like happy stories, the doc about the birds she has is the paper on bees is sad and deprimente.Aunque document focused on birds in Australia alone, the book uses an American writer. In a way, it was a good thing, as the Americans see as exotic and Australian accents may be attracted to hear the message of the narrator’s style. I had also heard that the western devastating animals born in Australia and marsupials. It is assumed that cats have a field day in the platypus, koalas, etc. In this case, the State never parrots are damaged by animals outside their ecosystem. Besides, I’m used to hearing of humans destroying the environments of animals. The overpopulation of human beings are playing a role in the pandas and Sumatran rhinos dying. Here, however, when Australian open deep into the soil or spread vegetables to feed the cattle, parrots take advantage of it. For the first time a serious documentary narrator uses the word “poop” instead of “excement.” They show a bird raises its chick in a termite hill. Surprisingly, the bird will not eat the larvae of termites inside. I think that all the love birds all stages of insects, much as I love the McRib! Many people shake environmentalism. As they are concerned, have sunscreen and foam and do not fear the deterioration of the ozone layer. Not living in the islands that will disappear as the ice caps melt. They do not care for the pandas and manatees anyway. However, this work says that we would all eat only porridge if not for the efforts of pollination by bees. People who like mysteries will enjoy this period of work, and investigating numerous theories. I would say the majority of viewers who, like easy answers or simple solutions, this document should be praised, since it repeats that there is no cause of death out of bees. I agree with Carl Jung’s theory, which postulates that human beings have always hated insects, rodents, and organisms die. In that sense, I want to save the bees, watching them closely but was not pleasant. Remember that in “The Fly” Goldblum’s character when you first see the fly in their genes closely? Yuck! The head spin moments happen here. One reason popular James Bond films is that they tend to have international locations. The death of bees that occurs in the U.S., France, Spain, and elsewhere. They showed how the Chinese are trying to pollinate the trees on their own, but admit that it is too expensive and may not be a permanent solution. Because the subject is so depressing, manufacturers had the vision doc a notice in terms of what viewers can do to ayudar.Dar a step back, maybe the audience to experience the joy and pain in turn. The way this work lifts one and then pushes you off a cliff can be a rewarding experience for some viewers. The more I type, the more I realize how much I really enjoyed this DVD. Rating: 4 / 5

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