Missing Bees


Missing Bees
Missing bees. Where are they?

My tomato plants just aren't producing fruit as usual. My husband and just noticed a lack of bees around this year. We just moved to this house, this house had a fire over the winter and the fire trucks messed up the yard pretty bad so we planted everything in pots. Thankfully we did because the pathogen blyte is going around and killing all our neighbors tomato plants. Anyway, I took a Q-tip out and started the pollenation by hand.....Its odd tho as to where all the bees are. Does anyone know a remedy other than myself assisting mother nature along. The ants are doing a grand job with my pepper plants tho.

I don't think anybody has figured out what's causing this yet.

I've read that somewhere between 30% and 60% of bee populations on the west coast of the United States have just up and vanished and nobody knows why...

Very disturbing.

Edit: just found an article that claims some folks think they may have found the cause:

Secret Life Of Bees- Missing Scene Project

The Bees

The Bees


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Something's Missing

Something's Missing


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Missing Man

Missing Man


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