I’m going to strart beekeeping and need some tips for getting started?


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  1. Jim W
    3:50 pm on March 15th, 2010

    Contact the apiary society. Most cities have at least one in the area.

  2. VINCE
    4:22 pm on March 15th, 2010

    Jim is right on. Contact your local Extension office. They will have the numbers of several Beekeepers in the county. The extension office will have the numbers of Local and state beekeeping organizations. I accidentially got into beekeeping when I stopped by a beekeepers exhibit at the county fair.

    We were discussing his bees encased in glass observation hive at the exhibit. He said he knew of a beekeeper who was getting out because he had an allergy to the stings. He gave me the number and I negotiated to buy two hives, eqipment, bees and all for $25 if I moved them immediately. The Beekeeper at the exhibit told me how to safely move them. I joined our local and state organizations. I volunteered to help beekeepers move, harvest and do all the things beekeepers do.

    I became proficiant in bee removal and invented some modified methods of removing bees from houses that saved the hives and allowed me harvest the hovey to keep them fed until they could store up enough for me to harvest. I’m the bee removal and rescue person for our county.

    I’m extremely limited in space and give the rescued swarms away to other beekeepers free. They in turn give me equipment etc. to house as many bees as I want. I mentor new beekeepers and give them hives, medication etc. I learn every day. I teach and give seminars on bees every chance I get. I attend every other seminar I can.

    Educate yourself on beekeeping. Make contact with local beekeepers.
    Join local and state beekeeeping organizations. They’ll teach you, they’ll loan you equpment. They’ll know the best places to buy what you need to keep your hives healthy and productive. Good Luck…

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