HEXAGON APIARY: Alimodian Beekeeping


Raw honey is made from the nectars of flowers. Worker bees gather the nectar and place it in their honey sac where it mixes with acid secretions. Bees reduce the moisture content from 40-80% to 18-20% before the cell is sealed and the honey is complete. Honey is a treat, and is man's oldest sweetener. It is an excellent substitute for sugar in our drinks and food. It is also good for many medicinal uses and treating certain conditions. Reliance on commercialized medicines which contain too many chemicals can become hazardous to our health.

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  1. GeorgiaWineMaker
    10:21 pm on March 29th, 2010

    I’m new to beekeeping as of a week ago. I really enjoied watching the video/slide show. Thanks! I have video of me hiving the bees and then another of me checking for the queen.

  2. annatacha
    10:48 pm on March 29th, 2010

    i love raw honey!! cool video.

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