Feeding Bees


Feeding Bees
There are DEAD BUMBLE BEES all over my garden grass?

I have an average sized garden in the city. And the grass does have those little pink/white flower things that grow in the grass that the bumble bees always love to feed on. Well, as of this morning, i noticed there were about 18 dead bees all over my grass, and a few were not dead but kind of not looking to good and crawling very slow like they were about to die???

All i can add is that 3 weeks ago i scatterd the grass with a grass feed seed stuff??

Mixcat69; I can only add that the " little pink / white flower things that grow in the grass " are Clover. I love to see that amongst grass. I have it in my own grass. But, I'm rural (Eire) and I let my horses into my 'garden', periodically, to benefit from eating the lot. They, of course, then do what horses do so well. That fertilises the ground and presto! I get a nice new crop of clovery grass.

What I'm saying is; Well done. Ye have a lovely, fertile bit of ground there. So much more natural than the usual, urban 'Astro Turf' some posh city people get so proud of. Or the weed ridden wilderness of neglect.

Regards the Bees? I can't see them, so I can't ID them. I'm not about to guess. But, I would just assure ye; What ever their species and what ever the cause of their demise, it'll be nothing to do with your own excellent bit of land management, mate.

I could bore ye to tears about what's killing bees off these days. Just feel proud that your own little patch of Bee Heaven there is available to them, as long as they can get to it and benefit from that Clover.

My best advice would be to leave the grass alone and let it grow naturally, with that Clover. That's natural. Sod the Tennis Court look. Nothing lives with that except snobbish ego's.

Early Spring Feeding of Our Honeybees

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The Bees

The Bees


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