Beekeeping Varroa


Beekeeping Varroa

There was once a flourishing abundance of honey in nature. Until that one day octubre 1852, a man named Lorenzo Langstroth appeared not only to the patent his "Langstroth hive, but was considered the" Father of American Beekeeping "below. I was so in the investigation of all types of insects and ants respect their culture. honey bees in their favorite pastime. In the hives, where bees can produce massive colonies with an over abundance of honey in only a few months! Almost 70 years later, something began to happen to the bees and have been declining at an alarming rate since the 1970s. For those who are unaware of this gravity, it is known that 1 / 3 of our food supply is pollinated by bees. What do we do about it? Can we do something to help?

CCD (colony collapse disorder) is to blame for most of our problems these days hives. Already in 1896 was the first incident of the UNCCD. Nothing is thought of her and remained almost untouched for 80 years. In 1972, he began the most dramatic reduction in Honey Bee population until 2006. Literally millions the disappearance of bees in North America in the western region, along with Western and Central Europe. Why? Research is still ongoing to this day and a ray of hope on the horizon.

Recent studies have shown that the Varroa mite is the main culprit of the UNCCD. Where are the mites get their illnesses? Like most illnesses and virus strains, adapt and overcome pesticides given to its eradication, which mite is greater. In recent decades, resistance to a product called Apistan (Varroa mite pesticides) has made it almost useless. Read the label this chemical says it is "toxic to bees and fish." For my part I am for organic when in dealing with these ailments. Let nature defend himself! Our bodies fight off new strains of virus infection and constantly to keep us healthy, insects are the same, but to persevere. In other studies CCD, it was determined that the Varroa mite was a carrier of a virus that attacks the ribosomes, the bees. Ribosomes are part of the structure of DNA, called RNA and proteins to interact with DNA. Once the ribosomes are altered by the virus, it sends mixed signals in the DNA and the commitments of the bees immune system that produces a kind action of bleeding to death.

There is still a point of view promosing. Since the diagnosis, it seems that the immune system of bees are adapting to the threat. Up to 80% of wild and domestic honeybees to disappear because of this and are fighting back. The hope is in the air. Any once heard the expression, "Life finds a way?" It's in our interest and our interest that we help the future of the cause and help restocking of bees. our little friends do a lot of work in his short lifetime, we will help you through the planting of Purple (in Russian) Sage, White (Fruit of flowering) or flowers of goldenrod yellow, and with use of natural or organic pesticide. Did you know that an herb called "Lace Queen Anne "will deter ants? another race of honey bees has entered the U.S. image is more or less resistant to Varroa mites. The Russian Honey Bee. Very docile and easy to work with producers, much less high HONEY! Let's give an applause to our "Heroines of Nature". Clap, clap, clap!

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Article Source: - Honey Bees An Endangered Species ?

Beekeeping part 01 - Varroa destructor

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