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With Consumer product reviews, you make the good decisions when looking for a product to buy online. If you have ever done product research on the net, you must have come accross review sites that are really just stores trying to promote you products. I find this exceedingly bothersome and deceiving, along the ranks of those "How to make money on the internet" sites that have proliferated profusely over the past couple of years. This is not to say that all review sites are bad just that the bad ones seem to far outnumber the good ones by a very broad margin. Even the good ones have their draw backs most of the time.

What is a consumer to do about this? The net provides a terrific opportunity to help you stay an informed consumer, but there is so much information ~ and so much more bad information that you really need some kind of a filtering system. The motive why I started my own top consumer review site was that, in all the millions of sites that are out there, I found quite few that met all the criteria of credibility, though, in fairness, a few independent blogs do approach quite close.

So whom can you trust? Here are some pointers on what I think should constitutes a reliable review site:

1. Not all reviews on the websites should favorable.
A few are downright nasty. This is in itself, is a fine indication that the reviewer is not being paid by the producers for the reviews. They do a thorough  research and will tell if they find flaws in it. Therefore, the consumer reports can be trusted in this regard. There are two problems with Consumer Reports: You have to pay for the service and consumers themselves don't really get much of a chance to weigh in, which brings me to the second point.

2. The site should be independent in nature.
I wouldn't even look at a review site that doesn't allow users to comment on or submit their reviews, and that goes for some very large sites. Why? For the reason that many heads are better than one. Amazon is wonderful in this regard. Consumers are able to review just every product, respond to each other, rate each other's reviews etc.

3. The site should not be too "niche" specific. This is a fair sign that someone is trying to game the search engines and make money. In my view, that puts the integrity of each review on the site in jeopardy. I have no trouble with people making a living by selling stuffon the net or starting sites that are narrower in interest, but such a site is not a review site. If you want to open a beekeeping blog and inform readers about that realm, splendid. But Just don't set it up as a forum to get unbiased reviews.

Looking around the Internet, you would not find too many sites that meet all these criteria. Personally, I think it's terrific to promote a product you love genuinely, but review sites should only promote those products or services that their users genuinely love, and not all products reviewed deserve promotion. It ought to also be a democratic affair where anybody can respond to a review

With all these in mind, does such a site exist? Checkout http://www.Bestproductreviewswebsite.Com/ for an example of a perfect top consumer product reviews site.

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