Beekeeping 101


beekeeping-courseI was once in the same shoes you are in, wondering, "how do I get started, what do I need to do first?", it was very frustrating. Everything I read was so confusing it may as well have been written in a foreign language. That experience was my motivation to develop this comprehensive, geared-toward-the-novice, beekeeping eBook that answers every question you may have as you contemplate beginning this profoundly interesting venture!

My grandfather was a beekeeper, but unfortunately he passed away before I could learn any of his secrets, so, like you, I had to learn from books! Whether your goal is to become a backyard beekeeper or ultimately develop a commercial beekeeping operation this eBook will get you started on the road to success!

The truth is that producing your own honey is incredibly rewarding - and profitable - if you know what you're doing! As a hobbyist, you will have a very unique gift you can give to friends and family, impressing them with your skills to produce such a wonderfully sweet, nutritious delight! (And yes, honey is very nutritious!)

Sidelining allows you to produce enough honey to sell for a profit, supplementing your income. Commercial beekeepers have large operations, and selling bee and beekeeping related products is their primary source of income. (For example, they may focus on raising bee queens and bees to supply other beekeepers.)  Learn More.....Click Here!

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