Beekeepers Supplies


Beekeepers Supplies

When you decide to start a beekeeping business, you will have to find some specific equipment, specialized suppliers, and these can be found at local or online. Now that does not mean to scare you, because the amount of equipment you need is minimal and the cost is very reasonable, especially for a business that just is beginning.

Beekeepers team will vary from beekeeper to beekeeper, depending on what feels comfortable working with, and the type of hive you are using. Some people may have a particular theme, while others do not. However, the elements described here are the basic starting equipment most beekeepers should have.

"The smoker --

This is probably the most important piece of equipment a beekeeper can have. The Smoker allows you to open the hives and manage them without being bitten. It only takes a couple of puffs of smokers to keep the bees docile as you open the hive. When not used a smoker, probably stung more than once.

"The suit Bee --

A good bee suit the theme may not seem like a necessary, but it pays for itself, especially when you are prevented from being bitten. This game keeps the trace of the bees in her hair, her clothes, etc, and therefore burning that after leaving the hive and the effect of smoke disappears.

"The Bee Hat with veil --

This is a hat that protects your face and hair. Some bee costumes come with this themes, but others not for what might have to buy separately. The hat and veil to protect the most sensitive areas of your body to be chopped, as the neck, face and head.

-Hive Tools --

These are really a necessity for all keepers of bees. These are the tools that come in different styles, but will help both to opening the hive and function buy tool scraping the frame of honey. Actually, there are many uses the tools of the hive.

-Bee Gloves --

These long gloves are preventing the bees to sting the hands or arms, but also made for ease of movement. Gloves really only be used in dangerous situations, and not in daily maintenance.

The Bee-brush --

This is a special brush used to remove bees from areas where they are not wanted, as in his person or clothing.

Bee-wrist and ankle-straps

These simply provide an additional layer of protection. Sellan pants and sleeves so that bees can not run up and bite her clothes after leaving the hive.

So there you have it. This is the basic equipment you need to start business of keeping bees. Obviously, some elements are not as necessary as other elements. For example, you can live for a while without the wrist, ankle and belts, if used clothing that has elastic bands. You can also do without the bee brush, if you are very careful with your clothes. However, it is best to get all the equipment base and use it when necessary.

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