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Bee Stuff
How do you cure a fear of bee's?

I have a fear of bee's. I hate it because i can't go outside without feeling anxious. I know you can have hypnosis and all of that stuff to cure a fear however i am looking for a home remedy. My fear started from a young age where i remember my Friend being stung on the hand, however she has no recollection of such an incident. Please can someone help me,

Try not to think of bees as being threatening.
Bees will only sting you as a way of defending themselves. Do not give them a reason to defend themselves, and you won't get stung!
They're the same as any other animal. For example, a cat. A cat has sharp teeth and claws to defend themselves.. but there's no need to be scared of a cat, the same way in which theres no need to be scared of a bee!

Hope I helped!
Random fact - Bees in India don't have stings :)

Toby Stuff & Stee Wee Bee - Turn The Beat Around (Max Farenthide Club Mix)




By James Grant. For Tuba. Solo music, 20th century. Published by Potenza Music

Trunki Bernard Bee Ride-On Suitcase with Spike Paddlepak

Trunki Bernard Bee Ride-On Suitcase with Spike Paddlepak


Bernard Bee Trunki may be busy but will keep you safe as you ride around on adventures. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow. Inside is a free Spike the Blowfish PaddlePak - a water resistant backpack thats perfect for fun filled days out. Made from lightweight, durable material, its designed to stop wet stuff getting in, or leaking out; Features Bernard Bee design. Yellow polypropylene. 2 pieces in set. Cabin friendly. 1 compartment. 4 inset wheels. 1 internal pocket . Waterproof. Side closing catches. Clothes retaining straps. Designed to be beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots, Trunki is a hand luggage sized suitcase. Perfect for holidays abroad, sleepovers and playing at home. For ages 3 years and over. Ride-on suitcase specifications: Size H31, W21, D46cm. Weight 2kg. 18 litre capacity. Backpack specifications: Size H2, W41, D52cm. 7.5 litre capacity. Draw string bag specifications: Manufacturers 5 year guarantee.

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