Bee Breeding


Bee Breeding
What actually happens when a shrimp cross breeds?

Like a red cherry shrimp breeding with a black crystal bee would there just be some red and white shrimp or just red or black and white or just black ??
Even if there are females of each they would still interbreed?

Yuki, you're actually right the first time around - Cherries belong to the Neocaridina genus, and Bees in the Caridina genus. The two cannot hybridize.

It's hard to really say what will come from a cross of two different shrimp, though the first generation usually seems to revert back to their wild coloration, while recessive genes can "re-emerge" in future generations. For example, if you crossed Cherries and Yellows (same species), the offspring would likely revert back to brown. However, some red and/or yellow may show up in the second generation - these wouldn't be "pure" though as their colors wouldn't be as intense as a pure Cherry/Yellow, and they would still be able to produce the "mixed" brown shrimp. Hybrids between two different species could be more confusing - there was a documentation where someone crossed a Cherry with a White Pearl (same genus, different species) - the first generation was basically brown, but the second generation had some that were red, some that were orange and even some that were colorless.

Bee Breeding for Survivor Chemical Free Stock - Daniel Weaver Part-1

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