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American Beekeeping Federation

It's amazing how quickly a huge government bureaucracy can respond when you want. In fact, in a space of two short weeks, the U.S. government has just to propose, integrated, and passed a law on financial rescue services. The project includes 750 billion dollars to bail out Wall Street.

Of course, the government had to act quickly because the lack of regulation and government oversight allowed an increasing problem for many years in a financial crisis. I thought of the bailout bill and I wondered about the government's response to the current mystery honey bees disappearing, called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD.

CCD is unique since it leaves the bee hives with a queen bee, some newborns adults, and plenty of food, while that all the worker bees responsible for pollination of crops, they simply disappear. In response to this crisis in agriculture, the farm this year, Bill authorized several programs focused on issues related to the pollinators. The Farm Bill includes the development and protection of pollinator habitat in conservation programs.

In addition, the bill given the protection of pollinators such as high-priority research and bees covered and production Honeymoon in agricultural assistance programs for disaster. It also required the Department of Agriculture to report annually on the progress made to address losses of colonies.

In fact, the problem of CCD is still growing. A few months ago, a panel of experts told a House subcommittee of Commercial agriculture industry in the U.S. honey bee lost a record 36 percent of their colonies in 2008. In 2007 the industry lost 31% of their colonies, due to a mysterious illness that threatens the future of beekeeping and the health of a variety of important crops.

Almonds bloom in California February each calendar year. Several months before the first bloom, beekeepers move their bees to California to feed and prepare for almond pollination. In recent two years, in early December, the problem of colony collapse disorder in California has begun to appear. Soon, we'll see if Colony Collapse Disorder remains a problem for agriculture in America next year.

The U.S. industry of the honey bee is valued at over $ 15 billion, with more 90 different crops depend on pollination from honey bees to grow. Thus, much of the diet of this country, the affordability of staple foods, and our National health is at risk.

Unfortunately, it is a risk of lacking a sense of urgency from the government in June at the hearing to investigate on the progress of the UNCCD, held by the Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture in Washington, DC.

Consider the oral testimony of David Mendes, Vice President of the Latin Beekeeping Federation, since its appearance in the June meeting (as reported in the American Federation of Beekeeping Newsletter). "I spoke to the need for greater sampling within our hives pollen, bees and honey to identify which pathogens our bees are exposed. "

Mendes continues: "I shared my experience of collecting samples of my hives as part of a project organized by Penn State and the Working Group of the UNCCD. I specifically voiced my frustration that the effort devoted to collection of samples (samples of hives 18 7 fold in March 2007-January 2008) have produced very little useful information because most of the samples have not yet been tested in the laboratory. They sit in the storage due to lack of funding. "

The reason why the Convention can be systemic pesticides or just a virus bees, but the cause remains unclear. The key to solving the mystery of the disappearance of honey bees is money. Government funding is essential that the investigation to determine the cause of CCD before beekeepers are in shambles and flower crops that require pollination just disappear.

Indeed, Colony collapse disorder crisis that, if unresolved, will eventually require a major bailout of the agricultural industry and beekeeper by Congress United States. However, unlike the recent Wall Street bailout, using taxpayer money, a commitment to our diet and health add human suffering with the monetary cost.

About the Author:

James William Smith has worked in Senior management positions for some of the largest Financial Services firms in the United States for the last twenty five years. He has also provided business consulting support for insurance organizations and start up businesses. Visit his website at or his daily blog at

Article Source: - Research Key in Unraveling Mystery of Disappearing Bees

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