Debut director Pálfi DescriptionHungarian is a fascinating symphony of sight and sound that chronicles a series of mysterious interconnected events both idyllic and sinister. Of hiccups older man (or Hukkle) to a menagerie microscopically observed in animals, love Hukkle magnifies the little moments of a summer day, often overlooked. With minimal dialogue, ala Hukkle with subtle secrets waiting to be unlocked and recorded a peculiar portrait of a rustic. . . More>>


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Rating:4.5(2 reviews)

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  1. Derek W. Barker
    11:29 pm on January 15th, 2010

    An elderly man has hiccups. A mole underground excavations. A family sit down to a meal. An old woman tends her garden. Huge testicles of a pig. Hukkle contains a series of images (both beautiful and disturbing), with no dialogue and no apparent connection. The film challenges you to build your own narrative. The film portrays a day in the life of a rural village in Hungary. Pictures may be simple snapshots of everyday life of typical people – or could be key to a mystery dark and disturbing. Throughout the film, the viewer will be challenged to assemble the pieces, but not revealed until the final.Esté prepared to see the movie at least twice as it will be completely lost during the first vista.En my opinion, Hukkle is one of the most original movies I’ve seen them all, and among the best films of recent years. Rating: 5 / 5

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